Design Greeting Cards digitally!


What traveling around the world as an expat, hauling spouse and household manager, has to offer to this mom of 3? So far, still figuring things out here, adjusting to the new routines, but still loving all things related to pretty paper.

I decided to get out in 2011 and offer different options for creating digital greeting cards! I can design invitations, thank you cards, personal stationery, business cards, holiday cards…anything your family will need to stay in touch with family and friends. Or we can come up with something very unique for your event or occasion. We can work together with your own photos (or I could offer you a hand on that!), your text, your best time! Once the stationary/cards are defined, it will be just a question of waiting for the final product to arrive – without any worries!

A few suggestions, for ideas:

Personalized gifts

Photo printouts, photo books

Paper cards




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