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Hello World – Currently blogging from Recife, Pernambuco, NE of Brazil – yeah, another Foreign Service Officer family! (smiles)… Let’s see what this new assignment/adventure brings to us… So far, we’ve got 3 kids, each one born in a different place: #1 born in Washington, DC; #2 born in Pretoria, South Africa (while we were assigned to Mozambique) and the most recent #3 just born in Recife!

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I always had a passion for cardmaking, crafting, and endless ideas for paper designs, which never materialized due to a busy schedule: full-time working mother, background in science, researcher, teacher,  editor and writer. World-traveller by choice and by marriage…

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Now, I seemed to have found some time to express my ideas. I remain a lover of the traditional paper cards, harmonizing simplicity and class… I have created this website to showcase some of my creations. I enjoy making all types of paper crafts.

I decided to get out in 2011 and offer different options for creating digital greeting cards! I can design invitations, thank you cards, personal stationery, business cards, holiday cards…anything your family will need to stay in touch with family and friends. Or we can come up with something very unique for your event or occasion. We can work together with your own photos, your text, your best time! Once the stationary/cards are defined, it will be just a question of waiting for the final product to arrive – without any worries! If you see anything on this site you would like me to create/customize for you, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you.



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