simply white

Ahhh, white cards – always a recommended option when you’ve got too many choices! Here you find a collection of high quality cardstock, with professionally embossed cover and blank inside, for your message.

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Each card cover is embossed with one of the following patterns:

happy sayings”
“retro style circles”
“retro style squares”
“floral patch”
“plaid squares”
“dots” and

All cards are embellished with adorable silk or satin ribbons, and/or border trimming work, allowing several different combinations, at your choice!

Although the cards are blank inside, upon request they could come stamped with

Best Wishes“, “have a great day“, “Just For you“, “Thank You” and “thinking of you“,

in order to add some character to your message, always a nice touch!

Choose from the several different pattens and ribbons available and customize your card! Just send me your choice of pattern and ribbon # (it appears if you click on the pic!).

Sets of cards (5 or 10) simply embossed are also available, at a discount price. Contact for more information.

Ribbons & Patterns (embossed cards):

Happy shopping!

Here are some examples of what’s up (mix and match at your desire!)

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