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I’m always changing things around the house… Probably a Gemini thing… Anyway, will share here some simple ideas for creating eye-catching designs that anyone can put together…
I still need more quite time to put things together… always searching for great ideas – here is another adorable website, from contacts, colleagues, and other fantastic ladies! Enjoy!


Also, it’s a hobby that is personally rewarding, and will be key when our family is overseas, again… My new task: make as many cards and have them sent to the shipping center in NC…
Operation Write Home

Life is a wonderful journey… travelling is a passion!

Travel Map
I’ve been to 190 cities in 14 countries
Mozambique: Beira
Mozambique: Boane
Mozambique: Catandica
Mozambique: Chimoio
Mozambique: Goba Fronteira
Mozambique: Macia
Mozambique: Manhica
Mozambique: Maputo
Mozambique: Marracuene
Mozambique: Matola
Mozambique: Mavalane
Mozambique: Milange
Mozambique: Moamba
Mozambique: Mocuba
Mozambique: Namaacha
Mozambique: Namacurra
Mozambique: Namarroi
Mozambique: Nicoadala
Mozambique: Pemba
Mozambique: Quelimane
Mozambique: Ressano Garcia
Mozambique: Xai-Xai
Mozambique: Zimpeto
South Africa: Bloemfontein
South Africa: Brooklyn
South Africa: Cape Town
South Africa: Cape of Good Hope
South Africa: Franschhoek
South Africa: Franshoek
South Africa: Johannesburg
South Africa: Krugersvlei
South Africa: Nelspruit
South Africa: Pretoria
South Africa: Sabie
South Africa: Soweto
South Africa: White River
South Africa: eManzini
South Africa: eMpumalanga
Swaziland: Ezulwini
Swaziland: Lobamba
Swaziland: Manzini
Swaziland: Mbabane
Swaziland: Siteki
Swaziland: Skombeni
France: Paris
Italy: Milano
Portugal: Cais
Portugal: Fatima
Portugal: Lisboa
Spain: Barcelona
Spain: Madrid
Spain: Toledo
Switzerland: Zurich
United Kingdom: Bath
United Kingdom: London
United Kingdom: Oxford
United Kingdom: Reading
North America
Canada: Montreal
Mexico: Cancun
Mexico: Chichen-Itza
United States: Albuquerque
United States: Alexandria
United States: Annandale
United States: Annapolis
United States: Arlington
United States: Baltimore
United States: Bethesda
United States: Boston
United States: Boulder
United States: Cape May
United States: Dallas
United States: Davis
United States: Dixon
United States: Fairfax
United States: Fairfield
United States: Fort Worth
United States: Harpers Ferry
United States: Houston
United States: Kansas
United States: Las Vegas
United States: Lewes
United States: Miami
United States: Monterey
United States: New Haven
United States: New York
United States: Newark
United States: Oakland
United States: Philadelphia
United States: Pittsburgh
United States: Point Reyes Station
United States: Providence
United States: Provincetown
United States: Rehoboth Beach
United States: Rockville
United States: Roseville
United States: Sacramento
United States: Saint Louis
United States: San Francisco
United States: Santa Fe
United States: Silver Spring Station
United States: Taos
United States: Washington
United States: West Sacramento
United States: Wilmington
United States: Woodland
South America
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Argentina: Cordoba
Argentina: Quilmes
Argentina: Rosario
Argentina: Santa Fe
Brazil: Anapolis
Brazil: Aracaju
Brazil: Beberibe
Brazil: Blumenau
Brazil: Brasilia
Brazil: Buritis
Brazil: Buzios
Brazil: Cabeceiras
Brazil: Campinas
Brazil: Campo Grande
Brazil: Canela
Brazil: Caucaia
Brazil: Caxambu
Brazil: Corumba
Brazil: Cristalina
Brazil: Cuiaba
Brazil: Curitiba
Brazil: Eusebio
Brazil: Formosa
Brazil: Fortaleza
Brazil: Fortaleza
Brazil: Goiania
Brazil: Gramado
Brazil: Guara
Brazil: Guarulhos
Brazil: Icarai
Brazil: Ilha Grande
Brazil: Ilha Grande
Brazil: Itaguai
Brazil: Itiquira
Brazil: Jaboatao
Brazil: Jericoacoara
Brazil: Joao Pessoa
Brazil: Jundiai
Brazil: Limeira
Brazil: Lindoia
Brazil: Luziania
Brazil: Maceio
Brazil: Maracanau
Brazil: Monte Siao
Brazil: Natal
Brazil: Nova Iguacu
Brazil: Olinda
Brazil: Olinda
Brazil: Osasco
Brazil: Paranoa
Brazil: Petropolis
Brazil: Piedade
Brazil: Pirenopolis
Brazil: Planaltina
Brazil: Porto Alegre
Brazil: Recife
Brazil: Resende
Brazil: Salvador
Brazil: Salvador
Brazil: Santo Andre
Brazil: Sao Luis
Brazil: Sao Paulo
Brazil: Sobradinho
Brazil: Sobral
Brazil: Taguatinga
Brazil: Teresina
Brazil: Torto
Brazil: Tres Rios
Brazil: Unai
Brazil: Vitoria

 has turned into a precious resource!!! But, will keep on going!

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